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Company News | The "Green Valley New Material Baiyun Mountain" Cup Table Tennis Invitational Tournament sponsored by Green Valley was successfully held!

    On May 7, 2023, the first Green Valley New Material Baiyun Mountain Cup Table Tennis Invitational Tournament, named by Green Valley, was successfully held in Shenyang. Relevant leaders from the Liaoning Provincial Sports Bureau and the Group Department of the Shenyang Sports Bureau attended the event. Zhang Liangliang, manager of the marketing department of Green Valley Liaoning Province, and Zhou Zhongshun, director of the brand department, also went to the scene to watch the game and cheer for the athletes.

    The competition adopts the "Café de Coral" team competition system, attracting 192 amateur table tennis players from all cities in Liaoning Province to participate. Among them, the oldest is 70 years old and the youngest is only 13 years old. The athletes displayed their skills, fought fiercely, and staged a series of wonderful duels.

    The holding of the "Green Valley New Material Baiyun Mountain" Table Tennis Invitational Tournament gives full play to the role of enterprises in the development of national fitness, and builds a platform for table tennis enthusiasts to compete and communicate, aiming to drive more people to participate in table tennis. Let sports become the normal state of life and contribute to the sports province and the health of the whole people. It has received extensive attention from local mainstream media such as Liaoning Radio and Television Metropolitan Channel "New North", Shenbao All Media, and Shenyang TV.

    As a member of the sports industry, we always take it as our mission to promote the healthy development of the whole people and revitalize sports. In the future, Green Valley will continue to participate in the construction of national sports events and fitness public service systems, and contribute to the development of sports!